Dental crowns are almost exactly the way they sound – a crown, or cap, for your tooth. Dental crowns helps to restore a tooth to its full glory – resulting in a truly aesthetic appearance. There are many uses and types of dental crowns.

There are several types of crowns that our practice offers.

There are different types of dental crowns that our practice offers. Dental crowns are often chosen based on your needs and budget. Each type with it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages.

    All Ceramic or All Porcelain:
    These types of crowns fully match the color of teeth for a concealed appearance. They are great for front teeth.

    This option provides strong durable stability while matching the same shade as your teeth.

    All Metal:
    This is the best option when there is minimal space for a crown, strength is most important and esthetics are not compromised.

    Many crowns can be made through our Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacture process. The teeth are prepared for the crown, scanned with a laser and the crown is made by computer assisted design and milling. These crowns can often be made in one visit.

Restore Your Smile Today

Dental crowns are often used to complete other procedures such as dental implants. They also replace tooth structure in cases where decay has resulted in a large amount of tooth loss. Crowns provide dentists a way to restore form and function to your tooth without the need for an extraction. It is normally best to save as much real tooth/enamel as possible.

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