Dental implants have had a considerable impact on modern dentistry – offering a highly viable solution to replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root that is placed, or implanted, into the bone of the jaw where a dental crown is then placed for a complete tooth that looks and even feels like a real tooth.

Dental implants can replace:

  • A single tooth
  • Multiple teeth
  • All of your teeth (implant dentures)

Are You a Candidate?

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, however a large majority of patients are. In order for an implant to be placed into the jawbone, there must be a sufficient amount of room and adequate bone. Dental implants have a very high success rate, because of evolving techniques, and offer excellent stability.

The Process – What To Expect

Dental implants take time to integrate into your jawbone. Typically, your first step include implanting a titanium post into the jawbone that will undergo a process known as Osseo integration to fuse with the surrounding bone. This process results in a strong bond that is similar to what a real tooth offers. Several months may be required for this bond to occur.

Afterwards, our dentist places an abutment connector onto the titanium implant where a dental crown can be placed.

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